How we work for our members

Individual representations

The "Day Job"

RBA representatives can and do accompany members in disciplinary and grievance hearings all over the country.  We make sure that no member stands alone at such times, and we really do make a difference.

Representatives are not just witnesses; they take an active part in meetings and hearings, and the only thing they cannot do is answer questions put directly to the employee by the employer.

Collective representations

Where membership numbers in a business are sufficient, we represent collectively, to be consulted or to negotiate the range of general terms and conditions at work.

Health & Safety at Work is also something we cover, and look after the safety and health of our members and of any other persons such as non-members and customers on premises where we have members.  For more details, click HERE


General advice and assistance

We are able to advise and assist members on any work-related issue or concern - terms and conditions of work, contracts, discrimination, company policies covering holidays, absence, grievance & disciplinary procedures, and flexible working.

Legal advice and assistance is also provided for Employment Tribunal casework, and for Personal Injury claims.