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An Independent Union dedicated to protect and serve it's members in any work related issue.

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Established in 1919

Retail & Service Sector Trade Union

We are an independent trade union which specialises in looking after Members’ interests in the retail / service sector.

Run by, and for, the sole benefit of our members. We protect and serve our members on both an individual and collective basis. There are thousands of

members in retail shops throughout the United Kingdom.

The RBA is a democratic organisation, and every member has a voice on issues concerning union policy, pay and conditions and the election of officials.

The main day-to-day activity of the union is in representing individual members in hundreds of hearings a year, covering warnings, dismissals, absence management meetings, and grievances.

Membership Benefits

What would being a member mean to you?

More than anything, it means that we are there to help you if you have a problem at work. Your working life may sometimes go off the rails, and having an experienced, fully trained representative alongside you to deal with grievances and disciplinary matters is invaluable.

Consultation on all work-related issues

Individual Representation

Countrywide network of trained Representatives

Free legal assistance on all accident claims

10% discount on other legal services

Advice for family members

Negotiations and consultation with your employers at national and local level

Professional advice and assistance on all queries relating to employment

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Help on hand - UK wide

Network of Trained Representatives

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Help with work problems

Help When You Need It Most

Individual Representations

We accompany members in disciplinary and grievance hearings all over the country. We make sure that no member stands alone at such times, and we really do make a difference.


Health & Safety Focus

Collective Representation

Ensuring policies and procedures are maintained to look after the safety and health of our members and of any other persons such as non-members and customers on premises where we have members.

Member Offers

Member Offers & Discounts

In addition to the peace of mind your membership brings you for your employment, there are more exclusive benefits available to you and your family.

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