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In addition to the peace of mind your membership brings you for your employment, there are further benefits, offers and discounts available. These are regularly reviewed so keep an eye out for new and updated offers.


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The RBA used to own a modern 6 berth caravan at Ladram Bay Holiday Park, Devon, that members could rent at an excellent discounted weekly rate.

Due to the lack of uptake, the caravan has been sold but we would love to hear your ideas for different benefits we could offer our members

Free Legal Assistance - Accident Claims

If members are unfortunate to have an accident at work, or, indeed, anywhere else, they are able to access free professional legal advice and assistance from our lawyers,

RWK Goodman.

Eligible following six months membership

RWK Goodman

Specialist Tax Advice

If members need specialist tax advice, they are able to access information by calling PBA Accountants.

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